I like to tailor my harp music to make events as special and personal as possible. I prefer to discuss and arrange music in advance. I am happy to learn new tunes that may be requested. I also compose and arrange my own music. My CD entitled "Ailish" includes a mix of traditional, Celtic and modern tunes and some of my own compositions.

My extensive and varied repertoire of over 100 tunes includes:

Rock and Pop

Film and TV themes

                  ♦ Fields of gold Sting

                ♦ For the love of a Princess Braveheart

                  ♦ Nothing else matters Metallica

                ♦ BBC Planet Earth

                  ♦ Set fire to the rain Adele

                ♦ The gael Last of the Mohicans

Celtic and Folk

Traditional Scottish

                 ♦ China roses Enya

                ♦ Ae fond kiss

                 ♦ Greensleeves

                ♦ Highland Cathedral

                 ♦ Scarborough fair

                ♦ The Dark Island


A full repertoire is available here

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